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Frank Iero and Jeph Howard shipper community ;)
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This community was created because my friend and I got sick and tired of not seeing any slash communities for these two... well other than the obvious pairings. So jephkielove was created! Yeah it's very plain looking now, but I will fix that later.

RULES... or something

  • If you feel that you would prefer to make your post friends only, then do so, but it is not necessary. Please make all posts friends only. :)

  • Um... well I'm not good in the rule bit, but just have fun, don't harrass the other members. As well as just keep it Jeph and Frank related... that is what the community is for.

  • Please feel free to post, graphics, smut/slash, slashy type news, slashy related pictures. Oh under a lj-cut please. ;) Unless it's not really a big picture.

  • Did I mention have fun? Right...

The community is at the moment closed and moderated, that'll be changed shortly, I just want to fix the layout up a bit and make it all spiffy and stuff. ;)


When posting a slash fic please place it under a cut with the following before it.

-> Title
-> Pairing/Band (Even though this wouldn't really apply considering the name of the community, but if there are other pairings other than the obvious please state them, duh. ;)
-> Author
-> Rating
-> Summary
-> Other information/Notes/Dedications

Any questions, feel free to email me _superherogirl_ or take it up with the other lovely mods myusedromancex or jephkie ;). And that goes for wanting to become affiliates/sister communities as well. If this community is not to your liking, you know there are other shipper communities out there. and there's always mychemicalslash as well as theusedslash.

Lots of fag hag love,
Lucy :)

Sister Communities
None at the moment. *tear* If you want to become an affiliate or sister community don't hesitate to drop me an email or comment on my journal or the community itself. :)

Oh yay! We have one! :D Everyone should go join mcflysize because I say so. ;) As well as simon_slash.

Meet Jephkie, the community's mascoty type thing!!

And thanks to the wonderful jockstrap_girl for this uber cute idea!

give Jephkie more *HUGS*

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I personally think a bunny could never get enough lovin'. ;)

Original picture for the header of this community is © nightmaresinink, she owns you all. ;)